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Year 9 Day 138 15:45
Alexander Antior
Alexander Antior
Hey everyone! I got an account here because my friend said it was a really great place and wanted me to try it out. The problem is, though, I don't know very much about the Star Wars universe beyond the movies, a few games, and what my friend tells me. I love roleplaying, and I've done it a lot in other games, but I've never really touched sci-fi.

So, I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for races, roles, or templates for a newbie in terms of both the Star Wars universe and this game? I'm looking to be a relatively social and personable character, but also a bit sneaky. Not 'will befriend you and then stab you in the back and take all your stuff' sneaky, but 'is rather good at not being noticed and doing things most honest folk wouldn't really know how to do' sneaky. Probably something relatively humanoid, just so I can ease into the whole aliens thing.

If that's a bit too specific, sorry. I'm just trying to think up some ideas. I've read the races page a few times, but it doesn't really give anything other than stats.

Thanks, I appreciate the help


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Year 9 Day 138 16:08
Last I heard, the templates didn't work. During character creation, though, when you pick the priorities to give to the different groups of skills, you can have the server list the races that fit those priorities in terms of their skill bonuses.

Of course, that's not to say that only a Falleen can lead a fleet--no one's going to try to restrict your RP based on your race [aside from things like Hutts piloting fighters]. It really is completely up to you.


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Year 9 Day 138 18:08
The templates do work, but most people recommend you set your own skills, and aim for 3-4s in whatever you'd like to do rather than 1-2s across the board.

The best advice to you in creating a character is to read through the race rules, and take a look at the descriptions of each of the races that appeals to you. The race rules include racial profiles that detail the race's general characteristics to give you some idea of how to roleplay them if that's up your alley. After that, look at the Character Creation rules to see how each of the skills are or will be implemented, so you don't mistakenly assign skill points into something you don't expect to be doing at any point anyhow.

Also keep in mind that if you have some idea of the faction you want to join, some do have restrictions; the Empire typically does not accept alien races, for example, which leads many people to create human characters.



Year 9 Day 138 20:23
Alexander Antior
Alexander Antior
Ah, thanks hadn't noticed that further information part before. This is a bit random, but is combat a large part of the game, or is it a more optional thing?

Year 9 Day 138 20:43
Combat is still in development, and is expected to be implemented in the future.


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Year 9 Day 138 21:27
Alexander Antior
Alexander Antior
Alrights, cool. Just got my first character up. I'll type up some descriptions when it's not 12:30. Thanks for the answers and all.