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Year 9 Day 138 22:00

I tried to log in but, didnt know my pass, so i tried to get it sent to me, but it didnt work. i tried to make a new handle, but then i got multi account problems. i cant send emails through my old email, which i used for this handle so i cant send multi account help info to fix it. i want to get my new tried handles removed, and i dont care if my good account is erased either, but i just want to be able to play. Can i get some help?

Year 9 Day 138 22:07
Guest/Visitor i cant sens info to to multi account reg. and i cant get my pass. what to do?

Year 9 Day 139 1:23
If you no longer have access to your old e-mail, then you can post your Handle, your old e-mail, and the new e-mail you want it changed to, and someone should be able to get it changed for you and send a new password. There is no need to create a new account, and it would be illegal to own two accounts anyway.


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Year 9 Day 139 9:16

i'll try thanks.