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Year 9 Day 140 23:05

I'm new to the game and have just realised how much of this game is incomplete, so it's left me a bit dazed and confused. The main thing i would like to understand is the concept of trading.

So far i know that you need to be in a shop/commerce center or whatever to trade i've got that far, what i don't understand is why buy things so far i haven't noticed any of the items being able to do anything.

Year 9 Day 140 23:41
For the fun of having them....no seriously you need it to RP that you have it, some people want em before they can be used, etc.
Also trading is done outside of buildings aswell, there is a large community based on trading, log in and take a look around, you'll most likely find you like the community itself.


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Year 9 Day 140 23:45
NPC shops only sell basic items that don't do anything but give you something to hold. [a knife can also cut off a trophy ear from someone you just executed, but that's likely beyond the scope of a new player]. Commerce Centres and Trading Stations allow one to buy assets from the NPC market, but they are only one-way transactions and their stocks are limited.

Actual trading happens between players, or between players and production factions--The Guide has more to say about it.


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Year 9 Day 141 0:40
i started this thread but it said guest for some reason, anyway, thanks for your help it's made it a bit easier to understand, but i'm confused about one other thing.

i played this game 3 years ago and stopped, now that i've returned, with the greatest of respect i haven't noticed any changes at all. is combat, the use of droids, the relevance of items and so forth going to be introduced at any time soon?

Year 9 Day 141 9:08
Well, I just started here a couple of weeks ago but I can see from the Sim News thread that development is far from stagnant. I think I read somewhere that the recent economy overhaul is in specifically to prepare for some of the things you mention.


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