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Year 9 Day 141 12:20
Siro Lood
Siro Lood
How long can I expect to wait for a responce from a faction leader about joining, before I should look elsewhere?

Year 9 Day 141 12:26
a day or two atleast.
Afterall it is possible that the person you contact live in another part of the world and through that might be at sleep or at work, school etc when you try to contact him/her.


Year 9 Day 141 12:28
Siro Lood
Siro Lood
Is it common or acceptable to have several requests to join factions going at once?

Year 9 Day 141 12:31
you can only have one active faction request. if you apply for faction A and then shortly after apply for faction B the initial application will be withdrawn automatically.


Year 9 Day 141 12:32
Sending a new request will cancel the old one.

You would have to send DMs to the leaders of the factions (or a recruitment representative) if you wanted to consider several factions at once.


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Year 9 Day 141 12:37
Siro Lood
Siro Lood
Got it. Thanks.