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Year 9 Day 142 3:51
I have recently(2-3 days) made a donation to the combine using a visa debit card and my holo email address. When I had finished it said a confirmation email had been sent, but I didnt receive it. I also haven't received the cp points.

As I am new to the combine, I dont know if I have done something wrong or does it normally take a while for them to come through.

I was going to contribute each week/fortnight so I would like to know if I have done something wrong before i do it again.

I have also listed a banner on the exchange and was wondering how long it usually takes for that to go through.

Thankyou for your assistance.

Ezekial Nien
(Robert Dawson)

Year 9 Day 142 9:22
Is the email address linked to your character (either signed up with it or as a contact address)

Also Veynom does all the rewarding of cps from donation and may take up to a week to receive the cps. If you have a problem you should email him directly.



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Year 9 Day 142 19:08
I signed up with Once apart of the combine I joined holonet as Everything I have done since incorporating the combine I use the holomail address.

Its ok I will just bide my time and see what happens.

Thankyou for your assistance

Year 9 Day 144 9:56
Thankyou for your assistance, I have received my CPs for my donation and am just waiting for the banner exchange to go through.

Many Thanks