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Archives » Starport - where's the door?
Year 9 Day 146 2:52
Kalam Mechar
Kalam Mechar
I'm at:
Sector: Outer Rim B-3
System: Delora (480, -90)
Planet: Devaron (18, 4)
City: Idegon City (3, 6)
Ground Position: (1, 0)

I've managed to travel from my starting city to a city with a starport - but I despite moving all around the building I can't find a way in - nor are there any NPCs in scanner range (or any the buildings).
Its like "airport" security gone mad.....

Any suggestions?


Year 9 Day 146 7:58
It could be that the starport is not NPC controlled and has been restricted in who accesses it.


Year 9 Day 146 19:35
Kalam Mechar
Kalam Mechar
cheers Elias....

its not just a case of me going insane...


Year 9 Day 147 3:57
Kalam Mechar
Kalam Mechar

On the planet map it says "NPC transport available"

Year 9 Day 147 6:30
You should be able to hit the "Enter" option on your position screen from any point on the facility perimeter and enter it. If it's not coming up, then it's not open to all. I'm not sure if the "NPC transport" on the map is triggered by any starport, or if they have to be NPC owned.


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