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Year 9 Day 146 8:48
I read the guides before doing anything and i did not set my starting location. I applied to a faction and got accepted, but now when i go to set my starting location after joining the faction it still only gives me the option to start on my homeworld. My faction planet or base is not i doing something wrong?

Year 9 Day 146 9:19
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Your faction either hasn't accepted you yet or, more likely, doesn't meet the requirements. (own a powered headquarters facility that is assigned to the faction)

Year 9 Day 146 9:31
oh? well they've accepted me that much i must be the HQ problem... :(

Year 9 Day 146 10:36
I'm starting to wonder whether factions just don't bother to have powered HQs, or if there's some sort of bug related to this, seeing as it's happened several times now.

Year 9 Day 146 11:52
I think they probably aren't setting them managed by the faction and open to faction members.

If the facility were not powered, they wouldn't be able to accept new members, as I understand the rules.


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Year 9 Day 147 6:58
Well i messaged my faction leader and he messaged me back later saying it should work now and it did :) thanks for the help guys :)