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Year 9 Day 149 9:39
Declan Carden
Declan Carden
So I just bought an NPC brawler and I know how to fight him but for some reason I don't see myself getting any XP's for the fight? Can someone give me a step-by-step just to make sure I'm doing it right. Thanks.

Problem 2- I bought a custom NPC with 9 skill points to assign and I want to make her a medic, can someone help me with this, (script and stuff)

Thanks very much!

Year 9 Day 149 10:00
To brawl you "talk" to them. They will insult you; you respond aggressively; and the fight is on. Continue pressing talk until one of you bests the other. At that point if you've won; you'll receive a random award of between 1 and 5 XP. If you have lost, you'll receive 1 XP.

I do not believe you can turn your Custom NPC into a medic (At this point), I believe the scripts only affect the speech and not abilities of a custom. Section 1.3/ Civil NPCs


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