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Year 9 Day 150 8:24
Magnus Plaga
Magnus Plaga
I took this to #swc-help, but those online were not familiar with recycling, therefore not sure if this is normal or a bug, and suggested that I make a post here instead.

The facilities in question for this issue were faction HQ's until they were converted to wrecks, I am having this issue with the following facilities:

1x Conference Center
1x Government House

I have not attempted any other facilities at this point.


I order to convert a facility to a wreck, the following requirements must be fulfilled

*Recycling Faction is Manager of Facility that you want converted
*Recycling Faction is Commander of Wrecker that will convert
*You are a member of this Recycling Faction
*You are Pilot of Wrecker
*You are Operator of Facility

You go into the cockpit interface, click the "Action" tab, select "Facilities", and then select the one you want to convert.

This works fine, the problem I am having is with what happens after this......

After you are done converting the facility to a wreck, you tag it for recycling which makes you the new owner of that wreck. After that, as far as I can tell the requirments to recycle it are the same as to convert it, you just have to reassign after its a wreck.

While adjacent/above the facility/wreck with the Wrecker, I select "split wreck" but the wreck will not appear.

When in a Salvager Droid, I click the "Action" tab and the only option I have is "weapons", naturally since wreckers are unarmed when I click weapons it does a refresh and nothing else appears.


Feel free to post your comments on the issue, I'll try to respond as quickly as possible.


Year 9 Day 151 2:01
Skritt Zavv
Skritt Zavv
This might be a stupid post as I know nothing of recycling, so feel free to completely ignore this, but...

If you tag the wreck, it says it makes YOU the owner... maybe you have to make it over to your faction so that your faction then has the rights to recycle it.

Just what I can tell from reading your post.

Year 9 Day 151 9:20
Magnus Plaga
Magnus Plaga
I own the salvager being that I wish to use to recycle it, as is the wrecker I used to turn the facilities into piles of scrap metal. I fail to see why this would be neccessary, they already have the "rights to recycle it" since I have assigned the wreck to them.


Year 9 Day 154 2:48
Magnus Plaga
Magnus Plaga