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Year 9 Day 152 6:34
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
I don't know if it is possible, hence me asking.

When you accept a member into your faction, you receive 1 XP.

When you deny someone entry into your faction, you receive 1 XP.

So what happens if you deny someone entry, and that same denied person asks again, and you deny that person again? Do you get 2 XP because you denied a person twice, or do you receive only 1 XP because you once denied that person entry before?

If it is the first option...isn't that something that can be abused? I mean, I could ask a random friend to constantly send a join application, while I constantly deny it. It would be a tedious measure, and it won't look pretty in the faction events (unless of course I am the only person that has the power to view the member list), but if I put my back into it, I could imagine getting roughly 300 XP per hour, and 7200 XP per day (Not saying someone would do this for 24 hours, I'm just presenting the numbers).


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Year 9 Day 152 6:46
Jaggo Bral
Jaggo Bral
Golden Rule violation, admins will probably take measures if someone tries this. I remember a similar case with paying faction salaries some time ago...


Year 9 Day 152 7:11
admins keep track on how much XP people get and people have been punished for abusing in similiar ways in the past.


Year 9 Day 152 14:48
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
Ah, so it is possible. But when the admins step in then, I suppose it's ok.



Time to go to war with the Flame Tigers!
Year 9 Day 152 17:04
sounds like some is snooping for some xp potential here Ceso....



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Year 9 Day 152 17:42
Nothing wrong with asking. Only something wrong with doing.