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Archives » is it bad to leave a faction for not replying i was accepted days ago and have heard nothing since
Trix Cong
Trix Cong


Did you do as I suggested in your other thread, and message them?

Many factions, especially larger ones, aren't going to go too far out of their way to make sure you're getting involved in the game. With the high inactivity rate of people joining and then leaving because the game is not what they expect, having no contact with a new joiner is a very common event.

If YOU want to get involved, then I suggest YOU start contacting people and asking for direction, instead of waiting for someone to hold your hand through everything.


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Send a DM directly to your contact (Click on the envelope icon. Hard to notice if it's not blinking and you don't know what you're looking for. It's 3rd from the left in the tool bar above ::[Stats]::.) People do respond, generally. They certainly will if they bothered to accept you into their faction. Posting here hoping someone from your faction will notice is a gamble. Especially if not everyone in your faction knows you have been expected. Perhaps only the leader(s) and/or recruiting officer know you were accepted and they may not be looking here. It is easier for you to send 1 message than for the leadership to run the faction and escort you also.

Another consideration would be to check if your faction has its own web page. You may be able to register there and post in that faction's forum where someone would be more likely to notice.

It would help them to help you if you could also provide specific information about your situation. Good luck!

(I'll DM you to get your envelope icon blinking.)


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Trix Cong
Trix Cong
I have tried to contact the leader of the faction and the contact who sent me dm. to no reply. I dont need you to"hold my hand "but was just looking for a little help.Trix

No, it's not bad. You can leave a faction at any time for any reason. If you're not happy with your faction, there's no reason not to try a different one.



Trix Cong
Trix Cong
Thank you very much for the help.