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Archives » Compensation for NPC's transferred to server ownership
Will members who had their NPCs transferred to server ownership be compensated?

The transfer of "Shuttle Service" NPC's from players and factions to server ownership was a bit of a suprise. As most will know, I follow the forums and the Sim and GNS news, but do not remember seeing any warning of this.

As a matter of fact I do not even see an entry in my Inventory Events to indicate the transfer.

Granted the purchase of these type of NPC's was 0 credits, however they do have a value on the open market as evidenced by the statistics on centerpoint. An average price of 1150 credits for 34 sales would seem to establish a value.

Personally I had included the one I used to own, as a prize in a raffle, now due to the seizure of my assets, I feel compelled to substitute a reasonable credit prize as a substitution.

Edited By: Orion Mcphee on Year 9 Day 152 13:16

Warning this is strictly Orions McPhees Opinion, it may or may not have any bearing on events true or imagined


Orion Mcphee,
do not await a warning prior to the correction of a nuisance. In the SIM News it is clearly labeled as a bug.
(Bugs 67, 166) 

Just be happy that admins have acted fast. (And this statement can be read somewhere in the forums. iirc)

Plus: Centrepoint Market is not a valid source for prices.

Plus: SWC is a pre-alpha. Admins have every right to change things without refunding.


First off, to the Developers and Admins, Thanks for all of your hard work.


First let me say this, "The Admins and Developers can do what ever they choose to do."

Having just read the bug reports, I see that the bug was not necessarily the ownership of the NPC, the discussion seems to have included the option of allowing players to own them, just what was to be done with the credits. They considered allowing players to own them and receive the credits. That does not seem to be the only option. My medic charges me each time I use his services, and not only do I not get the credits, it costs me to use my employees services. This could have been an option. For what ever reason, they chose this option, at least for the moment.

And I would beg to differ on your statement that Centerpoint is not a valid source for prices. I would love to know of a better one at this point. With the resurrection of Gal-Mart and merger with Hapan, that will be another good source to compare. But any source that compiles recent prices is a great resource at estimating the price that the market will pay. If you are interested, learn to do a "Comparative Market Analysis" in real estate, you'll see the value of Centerpoint and similar databases.

As, you said they are not required to compensate me for the change. There is also nothing that would preclude me from my right to ask for compensation I feel may be justified. And if I sate my case well, it might be considered, and even granted.


Orion McPhee


Warning this is strictly Orions McPhees Opinion, it may or may not have any bearing on events true or imagined


If there were to be any compensation, it would be at server prices, not at market prices.

So, multiply the number of these NPCs you owned (X) by 0, and send an e-mail to assistants@swc requesting the resulting amount as your compensation...


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Thanks for the answer Hal, I'm not surprised, though I did try and build a case for getting something. It was worth a shot anyway.

On somewhat related issue. I own a landing pad, is there anyway to get a server owned Shuttle Service NPC stationed there? Or any plans in the future to fix them so that they could again be owned by a PC while functioning properly?


Warning this is strictly Orions McPhees Opinion, it may or may not have any bearing on events true or imagined