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Year 9 Day 154 23:01
Anderin Foster
Anderin Foster
I have sent a few DMs to Veynom, but I assume he gets probably a few hundred and mine is buired.

I have purchased gamefly though the rewards page, and got the blockbuster deal,

total I should have 43,000 CPs hitting me. I need to know, how, if and when I will get CPs and how you know I bought what I did, Which I can tell you I did because I have recordings if you must see. The only reason I got the two is for the CPs of course.

Now the question to that really relates to this. I would not pay hundreds of dollars for CPs. But I notive I can buy a few different 6 dollar or so Hosting sites plans for as low as 5.95. If this is true and I can get 72,000 here and 80,000 there will I receive the CPs when I purchase this plan, and cancel one month later. I do not a hosting site, but I can put it to use while I am receiving CPs. If you can answer this for me or correct anything wrong please let me know. I thought It better to ask about the Cps then to go any future.

Year 9 Day 155 1:05
email is best.

also it can take some time before the purchase is confirmed and CPs will not be sent until its confirmed.


Year 9 Day 155 17:36
Anderin Foster
Anderin Foster
I have used my email here I changed too like it said I could on all purchases. Gamefly takes 3-5 days so how does it confirm and what if it doesn't. Because really the only reason anyone would do any of that crap is for the CPs, and 28,000 free CP for blockbuster, how do you confirm that?

Year 9 Day 155 19:05
They will confirm automatically with SWC; you do not need to do anything. If it does not, as DeMeer said, Veynom is the only one who can help you, and e-mailing him will be most effective. In the meantime, please be patient because Veynom is not constantly online and spends a lot of time dealing with people's CPs.



Year 9 Day 155 20:10
Anderin Foster
Anderin Foster
oh I know, I asked him a while ago, And unlike new people or idiots in general, I understand people being busy.

Year 9 Day 170 6:56
Tyler Rouleau
Tyler Rouleau
I need to change my handle to Tyler. And I aslo need a new character creation run through. Because my picture wont sho and I dont want to be a Trandoshan. So please send me a message at

Year 9 Day 170 8:50
You need to create a new thread for any problems you have that, like this one, obviously don't belong in another thread.

Also, you cannot "re-do" character creation, and if you really do need a handle change because yours breaks the rules, send an email to, they're not going to bother with sending you an email.

Year 9 Day 170 18:32
You also cannot change handles unless yours violates the rules, and you certainly cannot change TO a handle that violates the rules..