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Archives » Reward Gamer Offer question
Year 9 Day 155 7:51
Raith De`Skirsia
Raith De`Skirsia
I was wondering how and when you guys could confirm me doing a Reward Gamer Offer. I was considering applying for the Napster free subscription, but I dont realize how I would be able to obtain my CPs afterwards. Do I email someone about it, or is there some other way to get the reward?

Year 9 Day 155 12:13
My understanding is that you just use the same e-mail as on your SWC account (preferred is fine, doesn't have to be registration) and the CPs will be awarded when Veynom gets confirmation from those offering the reward. Not sure how long that takes.


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Year 9 Day 155 13:53
Duration actually depends on the specific offer; some sites require members to be signed up for their service longer than others do to ensure that they get their money.



Year 9 Day 155 16:17
Raith De`Skirsia
Raith De`Skirsia
Okay, thank you for the clarification.