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Archives » Can't Log in to NR Website or the NR Academy
Tazzon Galaxios
Tazzon Galaxios
Since changing my password a few days ago, I have been unable to log in to the New Republic website, or their Academy. I am a NR member, and was in the process of taking classes at the Academy.

But now when I try to login at either spot, I get the message saying the name or the password is incorrect, and I know it's not the name. I've tried using the old password, too, but to no avail.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who could help me with this.

Thanks a lot.

You should contact them through their websites, that is not a combine issue. Or you might DM someone from the NR


Warning this is strictly Orions McPhees Opinion, it may or may not have any bearing on events true or imagined


Tazzon Galaxios
Tazzon Galaxios
Thank, Orion, but I can't contact them through the website if I can't login there.

And I haven't been there long enough to know anyone from there who could help me with it.

I tried contacting someone I thought could help via DM, and she said to try using this forum.

So I guess I'm keeping your signature in mind!

So, is there someone here who can help me?

Sorry you are not able to get help from your faction. And I just did a little looking on their website, while there is not a way to contact anyone for help, there does seem to be a bunch of names of people in the NR.

Were you not able to use their lost password function on the NR academy site? It looks it up either by username or e-mail


Warning this is strictly Orions McPhees Opinion, it may or may not have any bearing on events true or imagined


At the very worst you can email your faction leader. You should know your direct superior. You should be able to get on IRC, and join the New Republic room to ask for help.

The NR site is just that: the NR site. None of the admins have any power over it.

Tazzon Galaxios
Tazzon Galaxios
Thanks Orion, Mikel. I'm working on it.

He's been into our IRC channel - and several people have been working to help.


Tazzon Galaxios
Tazzon Galaxios
Right I'm sure it'll get straightened out soon. Though the new password Angela gave me still isn't working for me, though it does for her, which is weird. And of course NR site is still down so we can't do anything with that yet. DanRuss was gonna help me with that.

thanks to them and all who are helping me including you Keisha. :)

Anderin Foster
Anderin Foster

I work for the NR. For some reason everything is locked down for me also. I know my password and I know my login. I have been unable to log there either. I have still received no word as to what the hell is going on but it should be fixed soon. Try DMing your CO whoever that might be.