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Year 9 Day 158 16:11
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale
The canonization effort that was being done on the ships and vehicles?

When i was starting a couple of years ago, the list for the new ship stats was at 90% on the 'current projects' page.

However, very few things have changed since then and it also disappeared from said list.

Did the effort get scrapped? Was it internal conflict (That seems to be the reason most half completed things get scrapped around here)? or did it get placed on some sort of waiting list? A list of DOOM perhaps?

Year 9 Day 158 16:13
It was delayed pending new RM requirements... but I think the change in system from what the stat revision was based on and what RM requirements actually used resulted in those old stats being scrapped.


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Year 9 Day 158 16:20
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale
Makes sense, the new stats that where being worked on gave most capital ships and space stations Hull points on the scale of thousands.

The new RM formula would have made the requirements ridiculous for them.

Of course, they could always had adjusted the new RM formula for certain types of ships or something... Rather than throwing everything away.

Oh well, a couple more years of waiting before we get a real YT-1300 rather than the Millennium Falcon. :P

Edit: I've been thinking, couldn't the staff just make a thread for people to suggest changes that emphasize cannon on entities?

I know that these changes wouldn't matter once the new stats and stat scale are made, but, they would get people more used to the respective power for each entity.

Basically, i just want to know why this hasn't been done.

Edited By: Tai`to Kale on Year 9 Day 166 16:44
Year 9 Day 166 16:48
The staff could do that, but there is no sense in wasting time by temporarily implementing something that will only end up being changed again when time could more efficiently be used towards working on other projects that really need it.



Year 9 Day 166 17:12
There's a collection of players out here such as myself that have volunteered to lead the effort when the RM stats changed, but no response from the administration pretty much meant that idea died.


Year 9 Day 166 17:14
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale
A couple of database changes and a single thread doesn't seem like that much work (Though, it might be. I'll admit i don't know anything about the tools given to the staff.) and they would have their research done for them when they move over to overhauling the current stats.

Not to mention that there must be a sea of volunteers out there dying to do the entire thing and save everyone the effort.

But, my brain works on conventional logic and isn't capable of understanding the intricate complexities of the decisions being made.

I'll just assume that the overhauling of the entities needs the stats as non-cannon as they are right now in order to work.