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Year 9 Day 160 9:42
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
Are race limitations planned to be implemented? Not skill restrictions, but things like, Gands needing a breathing mask to survive on temperate planets, Wookiees not being allowed to wear any clothing/armor, Geonosians being able to fly (similar to jetpack function), and so forth.

Is this planned?

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Year 9 Day 160 10:19
The thing with Gand is that not all species of Gand required breathing masks. And it'd be "breathable" not "temperate" by the way.

Wookiees also shouldn't be restricted from wearing those things (except maybe Stormtrooper and general Imperial gear). As I've stated in another thread, the reason they don't wear clothing is more cultural than physical.


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Year 9 Day 160 11:41
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
A few of 'em shave too :P

I was just going by traits themselves though. Some races are able to do things that others can't. Vice versa the same way, some races can't do the same thing that other races can, and that does not only include Piloting vehicles or ships.


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Year 9 Day 160 12:05
Racial bonus' take some of this into account and at least from what I have read, have attempted to provide for racial abilities while maintaining balance with the restrictions.

If we want go more in depth and be very strict to canon racial abilities we'll loose playability, we would need many more sub-classes of each race, essentially each a separate race. For instance, we would need 3 different racial sub groups from Geonosians alone, Warrior drones (with flying ability and lower intelligence), wingless down trodden workers, and wingless fighter pilots.

I think the system currently used is either adequate or a very good start that only needs to be tweaked a bit were imbalances are found.


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Year 9 Day 160 13:11
Some racial traits are likely to be implemented. Some aren't. Until one is or isn't, that's about the best answer that can be given.


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Year 9 Day 160 15:46
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
So they will be. Or at least some will be. Fair enough.

Question answered, thanks.


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