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Year 9 Day 160 16:40
Lawrence Sal-Thran
Lawrence Sal-Thran
Just a question, I am new to the combine and I know it is WAY impossible for me to become one, but I just though I would give it a shot and see how I go about Force Testing?

Any info would be helpful, and I would like to apologize if this is in the wrong forum/section. Again thank you :D

Year 9 Day 160 17:13
Neth Dharek
Neth Dharek
Easiest way is to join a faction and ask the leader to organize a Testing with a Force-Sensitive organisation - Jedi Academy usually. It'll depend on how many members want it done and if it's been done recently, but if you're lucky you might get tested within the next couple of months. Of course, it could also take up to a year, or even more, so it's better if you take it without much of a hurry. It's good that you already face the fact that it's most unlikely.

Year 9 Day 160 17:32
Lawrence Sal-Thran
Lawrence Sal-Thran
wow a year? Never mind then, I have no problem NOT being a jedi... however that puts my 2 Non-Projectile skill points to no use, oh well. Thanks for the help Neth.

Year 9 Day 160 22:26
Finster Suave
Finster Suave
no not really there are other things that use non projectile weapons. Force Pikes, Vibroblades, and Whips to name a few. Besides I am pretty sure when you become a jedi you get some sort of lightsaber combat skill.

Finster Suave

Year 9 Day 161 0:05
Indeed. Non-projectile weapons skill will do you no good when it comes to lightsabers anyway.


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