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Year 9 Day 160 17:49
Anderin Foster
Anderin Foster
I know he is busy, but after a couple of days between emails and a couple of weeks for CP questions I would hope he would have helped me or something. I have used my email and DMed him, Email him, and emailed Simmaster and Admin I think. Someone have a better way of contacting him?

Year 9 Day 160 18:01
Try and get him on IRC, or wait for a response.

Year 9 Day 161 4:18
Neth Dharek
Neth Dharek
Use the Force, Luke

Having a lot of stuff to do, expect a reply in anything under a week. If it's really urgent, better get another admin that can be around more.

Year 9 Day 161 17:35
Anderin Foster
Anderin Foster
it has to do with Cps, so I dought that will help. I guess I will wait another week before I send another one, or I could spam is inbox so I am always on top. :) JK

Year 9 Day 162 0:50
E-mail really is the best way to contact him. If he does not have time, it cannot be helped. I wouldn't recommend IRC; he is not online much, and when he is he does not frequently have time to answer everyone's questions.



Year 9 Day 173 2:12
Deleted Post
Deleted by Ju-El Silverstar. Reason: Sorry, you are right and I wasn't thinking. Removed now.
Year 9 Day 173 11:21
I have already addressed your concern in the thread you started previously. Please do not spam.


I dare you to make less sense.

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