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Archives » GTT link for CPs - GTT site disfunctional?
Clicking support banners for 10CP ea. Generally not a problem with the links. Sometimes a site is not available but all seems to be normal next time so it's not a big deal.

Exception for me is the GTT site. Consistently for the last 2-3 wks, my vote doesn't get registered.

Upon clicking the link, the GTT page asks, "Are you sure you want to vote for Star Wars Combine?" Whenever I click the "Confirm Vote" button, I get this message:

"Invalid Agent, Please Try Again" No matter how often I try again, I get the same result. I don't know how to work around it.

It seems I'm still getting credited 10 CPs for the click. It doesn't seem fair that I'm being rewarded when my vote is not being registered.

Is there an easy fix? I realize the fault probably lies with GTT and not SWC. I'm okay with the solution of simply not clicking the GTT banner so as not to abuse the free CPs but someone may know what I'm doing wrong.



May the shade always shelter.

I thought it was just me getting this error.. apparently not. O.o

Technically, you could click all the links and not vote at all to get the CPs. The Combine links you to the top sites webpage through a redirect page that registers the CPs, then redirects you to the outside website. Anyway, not voting seems a bit wrong to me, which is why I never take the effort to collect them because I'd have to take up the extra time to vote. =P

I have also gotten this error, but not always. It is usually on an on and off basis. By this I mean that it usually takes a few either: a) refreshes of the page or b) exiting the page and reclicking on the banner link/going back to the link to that section of the site. However I don't think that this is an SWC, or user related problem. I think that the main problem lies in the GTT server or less likely maybe in the link provided by SWC.