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Year 9 Day 161 4:29
Arche Lupus
Arche Lupus
Hey, I asked this in the Welcome forum and got an, admittedly deserved, slap on the wrist saying "You might want to avoid pushing it and go ask in the Problem Centre" so, here I am.

I just got done writing up my character concept but before I say "That's a wrap, print it" I want to make sure it at least makes a hair bit of sense in the Combine continuity. Is there anywhere I can go to check out the recent history of the Combine? Perhaps a specialized Wiki or something?

If not, can anyone give me a real simple summary of what the state of the "Combine" universe is in related to Star Wars? What I mean is, who is in power (Alliance/New Republic, The Empire, someone else entirely)? Are there any faction wars going on? You know, just a real general idea about the setting and landscape of this version of the SW Universe.

Thanks in advance to anyone that responds. I'm gonna keep digging and see if I can't find anything myself but I figured I'd ask early in case nothing turns up.

Year 9 Day 161 10:01
Coleman Rendar
Coleman Rendar
Combine is an alternate universe to star wars but i think its at a stage between Ep3 and EP4


Year 9 Day 161 11:10
The Combine timeline splits somewhere before Episode 1, at a point that has, even after 10 years, never been determined.

There is, obviously, still a Galactic Empire, a New Republic, etc. The "galactic government" at this time is technically the Falleen Federation. The normal "wars" are in place, but without Combat it's a bit hard to do anything except arrest and execute newbies and conduct "build wars" for planet control.

Hopefully that helps.

Year 9 Day 161 11:59
Arche Lupus
Arche Lupus
Yup. I did some more research and talked to some people in the chats and things are starting to make sense. No real unified government, lots of fleet positioning but no combat. Definitely not the Star Wars universe I know but it'll be more fun learning how to work in this alternate version.

Year 9 Day 162 0:49
Might want to keep in mind, as well, that this is only the state of the galaxy right now, with many significant features (including combat) not yet implemented. I am sure you can expect many changes following the introduction of more features, although whether or not you will find them to your liking remains to be seen.