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Cato Reyes
Cato Reyes
1. When joining an RP, does your character's position in the darkness client need to reflect the starting position of the RP?
(i.e. Luke wants to join an RP centered around scouting the sand dunes of Tatooine but is currently on Alderaan. Does he need to hitch a ride to Tatooine to be able to join the RP or can he post in the RP and stay where he is in the client?)

2. Are there any restrictions for joining RPs?

3. As I've heard, experience is given for good RPing. How often does this happen? Do moderators just scan about the active RPs in the forum and distribute xp depending on some sort of criteria?

4. Are major events in RPs reflected in the client?
(i.e. in an RP, Luke pushes generic Imperial pilot #eleventy billion to his death and hijacks his TIE fighter for travel purposes. The RP soon comes to a conclusion with the defeat of Mister Strong Bad and Luke is still in possession of the stolen TIE fighter. Will a TIE appear in his inventory in the darkness client to reflect this, or will the ship just go poof?)

Thanks in advance for any replies, I'll see if I can think of any other questions to annoy everyone here with in the near future.

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Are you referring to White Scenarios, or the RPs that take place in the "RPG Centre"/Meeting Hall?

No, you do not need to be at that location to participate. This would be a bit difficult, as you can have multiple RPs going on at one time.

Some do have restrictions, you'll just have to read the fine print on any new RPs that are posted. The most common ones require you to be in a certain faction, etc.

Experience is given for White Scenario participation, for all WSes, based on set criteria.

And no, major events, minor events, no events are taken from RPs and implemented in the game.

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Cato Reyes
Cato Reyes
Thanks very much for the answer, and just for clarification, only participation in White Scenarios result in experience, right? If so, how would one join a white scenario?

Correct, none of the RPG Centre RPs give XP, to my knowledge.

To join a White Scenario, just go to the White Scenario board,, and sign up when one opens up in the "Scenario Requests" forum.