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Year 9 Day 165 5:40
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
I was wondering, when a ship is docked to your ship, and you can't get inside because the ship is full of people, but still, you are the pilot, you are given the option to 'Kick a Passenger'.

Previously, you couldn't enter the ship, but now, after you kicked the passenger, you can access it. The question is, where does the kicked passenger goes? He was kicked to where? And can you kick PCs as well as NPCs?


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Year 9 Day 165 5:44
Azhrarn Amaratha
Azhrarn Amaratha
if the ship the passenger is kicked from is docked inside another ship, he should be standing outside the ship in the docking bay of the carrier ship.
(given ofcourse that the carrier has enough passenger space)

no idea though what happens if its 2 ships hanging next to each other in outer space.

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Year 9 Day 165 6:19
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
I have had this problem before where I took somebody to a fighter but a PC was aboard. The new pilot kicked the previous pilot and they ended up aboard my ship for me to dump elsewhere.

So to answer your question, they exchange places with you.

Year 9 Day 165 6:55
What happens then if they are the pilot of only one ship at your location, and there is free room, and you kick them - do they enter the other ship, or remain where they are? This is from say a freighter to a fighter or another freighter where there is no official 'docking' between the two?


Year 9 Day 165 7:39
The "kicked" character will go to the nearest location they have access to. If the ship is on the ground, then obviously they go outside. If the ship is docked, then they end up in the docking bay. If it's an undocked ship, they will go to any vessel at that location that they would normally be able to enter, defaulting to the one that the person doing the kicking is on.

If they are not able to enter the ship, I don't believe the option to kick comes up.

Or they changed that, and they just automatically go to the location of the person kicking.


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Year 9 Day 165 8:07
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
The problem is solved. In my case anyway.

What happened is this, the person in the ship docked in the Capital Ship. He was then kicked out to make room for another person to enter, the kicking person was the new pilot.

For some time, the kicked person was not to be found anywhere on the ship, and presumed in one of the docking ships but he was not found. After a while, he showed up in the Exit> Room.

This is a bit strange, he is there now but I think someone should look into it. I didn't even know you can kick passengers, firstly I thought I might accidentally airlock'ed him.. :P



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Year 9 Day 165 11:02
I thought I might accidentally airlock'ed him.. :P 

Could this become an option come combat?


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Year 9 Day 165 12:57
Anything is possible. Any answers you may receive about combat at present are subject to change through implementation.