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Year 9 Day 165 20:51
Ocejela Opop
Ocejela Opop
Well I have been wondering, can you be banned or have your cp's removed because a hole in the cp rules? Here is a scenerio that I thought I could easliy be in.


1. I sign up for some mega reward offers, like 2-3 weeks go by I get my cp's.

2. I am still on the free trial, by about 28/30 days free trial's over I cancel subscription before I have to pay anything.

What happens? Do I lose CP's etc... etc... ????????????????????????????????????

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Year 9 Day 165 21:51
Your question mark key appears to be stuck.

Not knowing the specifics of each specific reward offer, I would just direct you to read closely any details provided about what is required from you to complete the offer. Generally, the third party in each offer gives a notification when someone has completed whatever requirements there are, at which point CPs are awarded and I imagine you are free to cancel. If there are more specific questions, you should email Veynom as he deals with these matters himself.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Ocejela Opop
Ocejela Opop
Thank-you Phryss, btw my question mark key is not stuck. I just put a lot in their to make it more noticable that it really really needs a answer ;)

She was being sarcastic. Your question is just as important as everyone else's.

Anyway, I've completed offers like the Reward Gamer ones before, and generally as long as you complete the initial requirements, they don't care if you eventually cancel or not.

Ocejela Opop
Ocejela Opop
OOC: I am one of those people that are sarcastic a lot but can't get it when others are sarcastic :) unless it's obvious. Thank-you the both of you it was all helpful. This can be closed...