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Year 9 Day 166 7:00

I have been searching the forum and the rules about the exact rules for tractor beams use and I didn't found anything so:
- IS THERE some place that HAS those rules written down
- shouldn't it be also posted in the Rules section, since it's implemented (as far as I can understand, since some people reported problems related to their use)...

if there isn't a place with those rules written so I can find out by myself, could someone give me a basic "shake down" about it, namely regarding its limitations (how big a ship I can tractor... can I only tractor a ship inside my ship or can I "tow it" if my ship doesn't have a docking bay...etc)

any help would be greatly apreciated..

Thanks you


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Year 9 Day 166 11:55
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
I don't know what the rules say, but I have recently 'discovered' tractoring.

I was able to load some satellites into a ship. From the cockpit I went to Actions / Weapons and selected the tractor beam. I them 'aimed' it at the target, and voila, it was brought inside the ship.

Of course satellites are small, so I presume you need to make sure your ship has capacity to hold the item you are tractoring.

I also landed on a planet surface, and 'tractored' in a vehicle (a void spider) --- this action saved me a few clicks (exiting ship, entering spider, piloting it into ship).



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Year 9 Day 166 12:05
Currently, tractoring will only allow you to remotely dock a friendly ship or vehicle into your current ship. It does not work on entities you do not have piloting rights to, and it cannot be used to tow things. Of course, your current ship must also have sufficient cargo capacity to hold that which you are tractoring.

I'm sure there's also some size limitation on it (a certain amount of length per tractor beam), but I don't have that number.


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Year 9 Day 166 14:27
It would be nice to have those rules actually written out somewhere.