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Year 9 Day 168 14:17
Xortyph LoKebo
Xortyph LoKebo
Some members of my faction have made me Operator of thier facils because I have higher trading stat.
So far this has not been a problem.
I don't see a way of "unmaking" myself operator should I want to.
Don't see any thing in rules how to do it either.
How can I do this should I want to?
Xortyph LoKebo


Only the dead know the end of war.
Year 9 Day 168 14:21
There is currently no way of unmaking yourself operator of facilities (one of those Inventory 2.0 things, I believe). However, if you really don't want to operate any (doesn't hurt you at all if you do, but eh), tell the people and ask nicely for them to assign it to someone else.

Year 9 Day 168 14:36
Xortyph LoKebo
Xortyph LoKebo
Thank you Sir.


Only the dead know the end of war.
Year 9 Day 173 10:58
Continuing with this thought, it would be nice to be able to unassign yourself for vehicles, ships, NPC's etc.

Are there strong reasons why this power is not turned on for any of the above including facilities?