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Year 9 Day 174 15:42
Kriel Tinovorsh
Kriel Tinovorsh
Ok Its been a few weeks since I started playing and I want to start again with my character. How do I commit suicide without flying into a black hole etc?

Year 9 Day 174 16:00
Neth Dharek
Neth Dharek
Get your faction buddies to Arrest and Execute you. That's what friends are for!

Year 9 Day 174 16:32
Neth is correct. Although you might want to try flying into a sun as it also does the trick. Also when you die that way, you will at least be warm instead of being stretched to death in a black hole.

That's what friends are for! 

If that's what friends are for then I've really been a bad one. :)

However on a more serious note, I do believe that members of the Krath Dynasty perform ritual summons. I think that this is a fancy term for executions. So if I was you, I would contact a member of Krath and ask to be a ritualistic sacrifice.

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Year 9 Day 174 19:42
Yes I'm sure we could oblige you.