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Year 9 Day 176 10:14

I pressed lost password to find out a new password and it wont let me in for 24 hours. Then I typed in and it said (Invalid Email). Could you please make work ASAP because thats my email. And I cant find out my password without it. Anyone who could help let me know.

Year 9 Day 176 11:01
First of all I am assuming that you filled in the form to join the Combine successfully. If not then go do it now.

Second, once you have filled out the form it takes about 12-24 hours to receive an email that informs you if your account has been accepted or rejected. If it is accepted then there will be a line in the email with your password. Either copy and paste it or copy it into the password section of the login section on the home screen. Passwords are case sensitive, so be sure to ensure that all necessary letters are capitals or lower case.

Thirdly, the process of logging in is not related to typing in your email address. In the handle section, you type in the name you provided in the join form, so type it in.

Fourthly, chances are if it said invalid email then your request for an account was rejected as stated at the following link:

If you want you can try to recreate your character with that email address you can give it a go, but please be sure to follow the character creation rules which can be found at the following linK:

Year 9 Day 176 12:43
Fifthly, read the Sim News as you've been banned for a month for illegal multi accounts.


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Year 9 Day 176 14:21

I know ive been banned just found it out. Could someone please close this topic? :)

Year 9 Day 177 15:01

Someone please close.

Year 9 Day 178 12:21

Someone close.

Year 9 Day 178 15:17
Why? Normally we just leave threads alone and archive them when they grow too old.