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Year 6 Day 236 22:11
I am a member of the combine who shares the same internet connection as another member (my ooc brother). The multi-account rules state that I must either join the same faction as him (he is a member of a mining faction, which doesn't interest me a bit) or play as a freelance member. I understand that I will have to figure out a way to get a ship to be useful to anyone, but I was wondering what kind of freelance work was available. After first inspecting how things worked here at the combine it seems to be impossible to find work without joining a faction, but my natural instincts tell me this isn't true, and there is some way to play the game freelance.

So, basically what I'm wondering, is what are some ways to make a living freelance, assuming you have a ship, and how easy is it to find work?

Year 6 Day 236 23:24
Some factions hire freelance pilots for transport or freelance prospectors.

You just need to ask the right people at the right time.


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Year 6 Day 237 1:02
You might also want to look at the option of flying other peoples' ships where they want them to go, so you don't have to worry about owning one until you can make some capital to buy one. I'm sure there's enough scattered ships around that some people will be interested in hiring someone for such a task.

Be careful who you take jobs from, though. Try and get some information from other players about the person's reputation as there are some people out there who will happily trap a newbie on a ship and execute them when they get chance just because they can.

Be inventive, and see if there's anyone out there who might be willing to help a new freelancer get started.


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Year 6 Day 243 18:54
Keibak Aruu
Keibak Aruu
Something I was doing too when mining first came out was activating the mines on several planets. Many people owned many mines, but they were too far away or to busy to operate them, so they sent me to do it and they payed me for it. Dont know if its still possible, thats an option.

Or become a freelance facility contractor. In other words charge people to pick up raw materials and transport it to a city of their choice and then build the facilities they ask you to build (Only the basic facilities unfortunately). People will pay to do that too.

A third type of freelance work is taking a planetary and system senses and performing scans and selling it to people.

You have plenty of options.


Year 6 Day 265 0:52
Link click until you get a CP ship, then start up a taxi service to make cash.

Year 6 Day 265 5:11
You could trade well and gain money from selling stocks etc.



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