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Year 9 Day 179 5:26
I'm curious. What's the highest number of players that were logged in at one time and did it cause any server issues?


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Year 9 Day 179 7:19
It's been in the 400s. There were actually server problems with less than that (around 300 I think), but the server has since been upgraded, to my knowledge.

I know Cam wanted to see it around 500 to test the current capabilities.

Year 9 Day 179 15:08
Keat Hoon
Keat Hoon
The thing is you probally won't see that number untill LOT"S of players join (meaning 1000 more) the average is 250 players now.

Also because of time zones, players here are from all over the world.




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Year 9 Day 202 7:22
Thanks for the info.

Another question. I'm considering renting ships out. Are there any stats on how many people have actually dropped into suns from hyper and/or flew into black holes. I'd like to know the odd's.


The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.
Year 9 Day 202 7:39
That is an IC question. And you should either do the research on it yourself or hire someone (an info faction, eg) to do the research for you.


Year 9 Day 202 11:53
Actually Vip I'd have to disagree, there was a question a few pages back that someone answered about the odds.

Anyway, I only know of a handful of people who have died from aborting hyper as the chances are very low. Even so, Personally I'll never abort hyper just on the very rare chance of several years of work vanishing in a split second.


Year 9 Day 207 15:12
The chance of aborting into a star is exactly the chance of there being a star right where you are when you abort. Without knowing your location [which you should not know very accurately outside an exploit], the chance of dying is the total number of stars/black holes in the galaxy divided by the total number of system grid squares.

Quite low indeed.


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Year 9 Day 207 16:34
Thanks for all the info. Personally I would never abort, but it's something I wanted to know a little more about before I rent a ship to a noob. I'm glad it doesn't happen a lot. That's a good sign for the collective IQ of the Combine.


The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.