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Year 9 Day 179 13:25
I'm going to try and word this as easily as possible, and maybe it won't come out confusing to anyone.

From the Rules page:

Laser Scalpels
~misc information deleted~


Required Raw Materials:
Meleenium (Durasteel): 3
Rudic (Electronics): 25
Varium (Droids / Equipment): 1

- Biotech
- Republic Medical
- Primus Medical
- MedTech Industries
- Alpha Medical Corps
- BlasTech Industries 

Okay. I was commissioned by Republic Medical to produce some of these tools. I arrived at the assigned factories, double checked the RM availability, and went about my business. Being a member of Republic Medical, a " critical power error " happened (I quote the power error, as that is what the NPC report came up, when I clicked 'produce'), and I wasn't able to produce. I contacted the facility owner to check power status. Its powered. Long and short of it... three faction joins later, we find that a Weapons Building Faction must be used to make these tools, although they are affiliated, according to the rules, with medical factions.

My question for the admins is this: Why can a medical faction not create a medical item? I understand that soonTM, when combat is implemented the scalpels could plausibly be used as a weapon. Even though not implemented as a tool as it is, having it required to be built by a weapon faction is quite a bit of hassle. RMs, Facilities, NPCs, and the person builder has to jump factions (unless the faction has somone at the location already, which is not always the case.) to get a single order done.

It was suggested that we ask the admins if it was a glitch, or perhaps a genuine error. So, I'm posting the question to the best of my ability for the admins to assist in clarifying.

Thanks for the time.

Year 9 Day 179 23:16
The problem in this case is that the laser scalpel is classified as a "tool", not a medical item (it doesn't heal directly, even though it is medical in nature).

The production code is set up so that medical factions can only produce items that are classified as medical items.

Best would be to create a bug report about this.