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Year 9 Day 180 3:37
Sandy Trotski
Sandy Trotski
Can someone explain why I am not allowed to join a faction. I keep getting told to log out then back in again try again. I do that and get the same thing again even if I have been logged out for several hours. I wanted to start at the faction's head quarters but can't now.

Year 9 Day 180 7:25
The only possible reason I might have based on the information that you currently provided is that maybe you were not logged in to your account, but in fact logged in as a guest. Therefore as a guest you cannot join a faction, so try logging in to your account and trying it. It might also be helpful to try to join a different faction to see if it is just a problem with the faction you are trying to join. You can always withdraw your application letter if needed. Could you please provide a bit more information as to the process you took in joining a faction, which one and exactly when the error occurred (a screenshot would be great too). If all else fails then just go onto IRC and join the room #swc-help. There you can get real time help if noone is available to help you here or if you are just too impatient.

Year 9 Day 180 11:17
If you get logged out repeatedly after a few pageloads, please check the thread named Problem: I can't log into SWC! at the top of this forum. It provides the most common solutions for that problem.