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Year 9 Day 180 12:19
Nero Draxxus
Nero Draxxus
I'm in the city Cephallenia on Corellia, where I was hoping to get transported via NPC service. However, when I try to talk to an NPC that does transport, no text comes up. The buttons are there for me to choose a response, but there is no dialouge. I thought it was just my computer until I talked to one of the "Beware of Creatures" NPCs, and I didn't encounter the same problem.

Year 9 Day 181 7:27
As far as I know there might be two explanations for your problem.
1) It is a bug and you should report it.
2) It may be that the browser that you are using isn't fully compatible with SWC, so it might not display everything correctly (firefox works best with SWC).

My suggestion would be to try to find another transport NPC if you can. However if you really need transport try asking a player to transport you or a faction member if you are a part of a faction.

Year 9 Day 181 10:30
If the NPC was owned by a PC it may not function as expected, report the NPC's identity (Name and ID if you have it), then look to see if there is another of the same type around. Likely near or in the starport.


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Year 9 Day 181 18:25
Weren't all the PC owned NPCs of that class removed? I know mine was deleted.


Year 9 Day 181 18:56
Either removed or just changed to server ownership. Either way, there shouldn't be any tutorial NPCs owned by players anymore. If it's not a browser issue, throw it on the bugbase.


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