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Year 6 Day 237 11:05
K`r K`l
K`r K`l
Sorry for yelling, but one minute ago I saw a "Banned" page. I did nothing for that, I hope it was a bug, but it can be also a reroute or something. For God sake, if it was intended by SWC, at least give the people some information, for that you have the e-mail. If it wasn't, then there's a big problem...

P.S. Now I will try the CP sites, one of them it is trying repeatedly to make me (and I think all of us) to install a weird object. I hope this is NOT another thing that could get me banned...

EDIT: Yes, it is this site: www.rpgtopsites.com, now it is telling me that that damn object/class/control or whatever it is "has expired". I hope this would "expire" soon from that link list...

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Year 6 Day 237 11:35
Mecho Rykspin
Mecho Rykspin
usually people get the banned page when they log in swc from 2 different browsers or 2 different computers. if this happens, press the logout link on both the browsers (computers) and log in again

Year 6 Day 237 12:09
The site is most likely trying to place a cookie on your computer. Most cookies are harmless and none of them can actually harm your computer. The only "bad" thing they can do is mine for a little information on what sites you surf to show you more detailed ads on other sites.
It shouldn't matter though, wether you accept or decline the cookie.


Year 6 Day 237 12:35
K`r K`l
K`r K`l
@Mecho Rykspin: I did that first, it doesn't worked...

@Togan Jano: That worked, first I had to delete the old "cookie"... I log sometimes from work for short time to see the status, so I have to logout everytime I don't use the other computer?

Year 6 Day 238 4:03
heh, i was actually referring to the rpgtopsites.com site :)
but yes, it's best to log out everytime you leave the computer and are planning to log in from a different computer, otherwise it's possible to get that "banned" screen


Year 6 Day 239 3:26
K`r K`l
K`r K`l
Oh, I see, I was talking about the SWC :)

Anyway, I use the latest version of IE full-upgraded so I can choose which cookie to allow/block. Usually I let only the sites that won't work without cookies, they have some nice messages that tell you that...

The rpgtopsites.com site was trying to install some active control, that can be very dangerous. As I can see now, they removed it (or maybe it wasn't their fault). BTW, for anyone interrested, you can look on your computers if you use IE at:

Tools->Internet Options->Settings->View Objects

and then on every item found. If it has a weird name, like a long number or scrambled letters, or looking on Properties at Version there is no Company name ("Unknown") then you can wonder what it is and from where. It could be an adware or even a spyware... Then you should use at least some free-scanners from Internet to confirm that you are infected...

Good luck to find nothing weird there... ;)