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Archives » Mining Factions and Production
Year 9 Day 187 21:47
My faction, Confederate Mining Corporation, is the following:

Type: Production , Mining

So, we are designated as a Production faction, and we have datacards for both SX-65 Groundhog as well as FK-7 Airspeeder. However, we are not on the affiliation list to construct Factory facilities.

Since we're designated as a Production faction and have datacards, if we get one of the factions on the Affiliation list for Factory to build the factories for us & then make those factories over to our faction, are we able to produce SX-65 Groundhogs and FK-7 Airspeeders ourselves using our own datacards?

I want to verify this before committing all the resources for a Factory city...


Year 9 Day 187 21:55
You "produce" raw materials.

If you care to browse the Rules on Production, you will see the exact requirements for being able to produce anything, including who can own the facility, manage it, operate it, etc.

It seems to clearly answer your question, in just a few moments reading.


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Year 9 Day 188 2:30
No, you're not able to produce the vehicles. You need a vehicle production faction for that.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 9 Day 188 3:54
Well, Hal, that's why I asked the question as I did... I thought my faction CAN own the Factory if it was built by someone else and made over to my faction. Then we could easily be made manager & operator of it @ that point. I asked because I DID "care to browse the Rules on Production" and as a result, wanted clarification of those rules. Recently, I lent our datacard to ITEM production faction Baktoid Armor Workshop and they were able to produce FK-7s, so obviously you don't just need to be a vehicle faction to make vehicles (or maybe this was a "not working as intended" by the developers). As a result, I thought: "perhaps any "production" faction can build them... why don't I ask those in the know?"

Regardless, Hal, I did read & then asked the question here for clarification of unclear rules. So, after reading more than "just a few moments", it was not clear, sorry.

Wilhelm, thanks for @ least trying to be helpful.


Year 9 Day 188 11:48
The manager must:

* Be a production faction of the right type (See Production: Production Faction Types). 

1.2.2/ Production Faction Types
The manager of the facility/station must be set to a production faction of the right type. For most cases this is simply the faction type that matches the type of entity to be produced (ie: Weapon producers produce weapons). 

I don't know about your reading comprehension, but this seems VERY clear to me. The manager of a factory producing something must be a production faction that matches that which is being produced. E.g. a Vehicle production faction in order to produce vehicles.

If Baktoid was producing vehicles without having a Vehicle faction assigned as manager of the facility, then it's a bug and should be reported as such. If you were unsure if the game was acting as the Rules state, then that should have been your question; and not what the conditions were, since those conditions are explicitly stated in the Rules.

As per the rules, there is no restriction on the owner of the factory.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.