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Year 9 Day 190 19:03
Jett Katana
Jett Katana
This game is too much to take in! Very difficult. I've just read that I shouldn't choose a starting planet until I've chosen a group. I wish I knew that before, lol. Right now I'm trying to join the Galactic Empire.

I'm on the planet Duro, and I have absolutely no idea of what to do. Does anyone know the fastest way to get off this planet? I know I have to purchase a ship.... but I don't even know where to buy ships! I'm stuck, lol.

Also, what does it mean when you "hail" to someone?

Year 9 Day 190 19:12
The Galactic Empire very rarely accepts non-humans, so good luck on that front.

As to your other questions, I point you to "The Guide", linked to at the top of every page, which was created with new members just like you in mind to answer the questions you may have.

Year 9 Day 190 20:13
Jett Katana
Jett Katana
Do you know what kind of stores sell ships? The city I'm in is extremely small and I can't find any ship dealers.

Year 9 Day 190 20:23
Ship usally cost above 100,000 credits. But if there is a space port in the city you can arranger for transport off the planet for lower than that. Or you can join a faction and get a faction owned ship.


Year 9 Day 190 22:55
Jett Katana
Jett Katana
Do I have to be on the faction's planet to recieve the ship?

Year 9 Day 190 22:57
They have to bring it to you no matter where you are; starting at your faction's HQ simply means that it'll usually be faster.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Year 9 Day 213 4:17
Deleted Post
Zeek R`oadi
Deleted by Syn. Reason: Stop reviving old topics, especially if you aren't even answering the question posed.