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Archives » How long should one wait for cp's and where do you go next?
I'd just like to know how long before cp reward and cp Topsite points are awarded and where to go when they don't show. The following are two emails sent to Venyom to explain my situation.
Year 9 Day 160, 4:08 : message from Emm Jlal to: Veynom
I appear to have 2cp issues.

1. CP purchase reward - I purchase CA Virus package on 4/15 and havn't seen the cp's yet. The page said 10 - 15 days. - It was about $40.00

2. Topsite notification - I notified my acceptance to the Topsite email and havn't recieved those either. It's been 2 weeks on those. It was close to the update that bugged out a few things so it may have gotten lost.

Let me know if I need to direct these elsewhere.

Thank You

Year 9 Day 182, 4:08 : message from Emm Jlal to: Veynom
RE: CP's - non donated.
I 'm still waiting on cps from a purchase I made through the CP rewards system on April 15th of this year - email mjlal@aol.com. I purchased a CA Virus package for $39.95.

I also have joined been accepted and been part of the topsites for over a month and have sent two emails for the reward cp's and have recieved none.

Anything you can do to aid would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.
I'd just like to know when they're coming or if there's is a problem and where to address it. If it is common practice to wait two months for cp's you could save yourselves a lot of concerned emails and posts if you'd post that information somewhere.



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Year 9 Day 194 12:03
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Kaz Zarlengaz
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Normally it does not take more than 1-2 weeks following the completion of the specific reward site's requirements (although some do require you to be a member of that services for some specific period of time, but that information should be given at the time you sign up for that service--essentially, CPs are not distributed until the company receives money and SWC receives the percentage). Normally this does not cause many problems, particularly if you use your Combine e-mail address to register for the reward sites.

If you are sure you have fulfilled the requirements, then as you have done, the only option is to contact Veynom as he handles all CP rewards. He was on vacation recently, so that may contribute to delays.

Topsite CPs, on the other hand, are immediate. You click a topsite image, you receive the CPs right away without needing to register for anything. You can do this once every 24 hours.



I guess patience is the key word here. I will contact CA and see if they're keeping up they're end of our contract. It's been months.

RE: topsites. I'm a bit confused. Quote Topsites page:
"Exchange will get you 5000cps and Topsite will get you 2500cps."

I didn't mean Top sites I meant Topsites
The 'Support the Combine' page calls it "Topsites list" This is not the "::Top Sites:: listed on the same page. On the actual banner page the link on top is "[Top Site]". (Why is there confusion to all that...) :|

Any way, an email was sent twice to claim the alleged 2500 cps that I think were promised for joining the Topsite banners (Not the Banner Exchange - I just joined that too and have been waiting for approval quite a while - but that's another post)

I never recieved the 2500 cps. Do you mean that it comes one point/click at a time when someone clicks my Topsite banner?

Should I continue to send the emails from the link provided "Report joining topsites list" How often before it's considered spam?

How often can I contact an admin (without an answer) before it's considered spam?

All I want is to know what's going on.

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The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.
Ah, the list; yeah that is a separate issue from the topsites links on the Support page. For those you just receive a one-time CP reward for joining; it isn't over time or anything like that. The contacts for that, the links library, the banner exchange, and so on are shown at the bottom of http://www.swcombine.com/contacts/. They all go to various individuals, so in that regard you don't need to worry about anyone getting annoyed with you for contacting them repeatedly. Generally if you aren't getting any response, it's fine to try again after about a week; that should allow for plenty of time for the head of that specific feature to respond to their mail. If they aren't being communicative, it's your right to become annoyed, rather than theirs.



Thank you for your answers. Being in the dark can get frustating. Everyone gets annoyed at one time or another... and they get over it, usually. The dynamics of running a game like this are difficult and I do appreciate the efforts by all the admins and I will exercise patience.



The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.