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Year 9 Day 195 17:43
How can i stop a custom item from going through?

You see, i accidentally submitted a custom item i was working on, and the images are the wrong ones, a pair of rough around the edges ones i had uploaded earlier for safekeeping.

What can i do?

Edited By: Osen Suki on Year 9 Day 195 17:43

Tai`to Kale\'s Respawn.

Yeah, I\'m guessing I\'ll need this...
Year 9 Day 195 21:00
Send a DM to the Art Director describing the situation and the image.


...but no angel flys with me tonight...


Year 9 Day 196 4:09
It is also generally a good idea to include as much information about the item as possible here, since chances are an assistant can quickly decline it for you before someone on the art team who doesn't check this forum accepts it.

Looks like there is nothing pending anymore at the moment, though, so if someone didn't already decline it for you, the art director should be able to help you out. You can DM as Tidus suggests, or e-mail the art team e-mail address on the Contact Us page, linked at the top of each page.



Year 9 Day 196 15:32
Thank you, I'll keep it in mind.

Though, now that the item has been approved and i have given it a good look, it seems the image wasn't as rough as i thought.


Tai`to Kale\'s Respawn.

Yeah, I\'m guessing I\'ll need this...