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Archives » Why are restricted suggestion topics restricted?
Why are restricted suggestion topics restricted?

I see why combat and R&D are restricted, they're being worked on and
the dev team don't need any help.

But what about food and fuel? Is it because they've already been decieded that it's not going to happen, or because it's already planned to get implemented?
Is that the same reason why weather and time of day are restricted as well?

What about the other restricted topics? Why are they rescticted?

For the very reasons you suggest, generally. Either they are planned for implementation, or it has been decided that they currently won't be, making suggestions about those topics redundant.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
For food and fuel specifically, that is a direction in which the administration decided not to take the Combine; it does not mesh with the intended final product. Things may change over time, but there is already a general idea as to what the administration has planned for SWC.



Keat Hoon
Keat Hoon
Why would we need food and fuel?

Because think about the hassle it would be.

getting fuel every two planets or so would make everyone pretty annoyed.

And food, theres many reasons that are the same with fuel, it would be just to hard.

The combine would only consider food if it was going to be used with combat if your health falls and you eat food to heal, but that of course is what other games do and might not be what the combine is interested in.




Are you, looking at me?
I was baisicly asking which are planned for implementation and which are 110% certaintly not going to be implemented?

The ones that are stupid and don't make sense are generally the ones that won't be implemented, ever. New entities are restricted because the administration isn't even considering them at this time. All the others have generally been discussed already and it has been decided that they won't be implemented.

The majority of the restricted topics will NOT be implemented. There are obvious exceptions, like Combat, but if you have to ask which list they're on, chances are it's not the implementation list.

No, I'm not going through the thread and labelling them all.


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