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Year 9 Day 198 7:32
Neema Lavigne
Neema Lavigne
I have been thinking about joining a medical faction, but I was wondering.. Do they have any limets? Do they just sell items, or actually provide medical care for other players? If anybody can give me a small overview of what these factions do please tell me.

- Neema Lavigne

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Year 9 Day 198 7:44
All factions are doing pretty much the same in this game at the moment, as it is only in a beta status. A medical faction may be producing medical related Items and even droids. Except for that, there is no real Medicare yet implemented as the only way to get hurt in this game is either, during a failed arrest attempt where you loose and you're opponent got the Option Fight when trying to avoid arrest, or if you loose it big against a NPC brawler, then you can fight until your HP reach 0/0 and then it takes some time until your character has healed up enough for a re-match. Otherwise, you either produce Items, droids, ship, vehicles, build cities on so called tax planets, prospect for raw materials or Alazhi farming, haul raw materials, trades, or transports stuff across the universe. There is also the option Supervise, as in facility’s but as that is pretty much automated. Almost forgot, scanning grids. *Shrugs*

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Year 9 Day 198 7:55
Neema Lavigne
Neema Lavigne
Thank you. How about a bounty hunter facton? The same questions. I am pretty much stuck between those two.

Year 9 Day 198 8:16
There are few of those, and I think all of them are implemented in some larger government, as you need special arresting privileges to be any good as a bounty hunter, today, without Combat a sharp tongue and mind and hopefully a naive person with a bounty on his/her head is what you need.

To perform arrests you need Government arresting privileges issued. Then you can arrest people that trespassing on their Government controlled territory if a warrant on that PC or player character is to be found, or if you are onboard a Capital Ship that is owned by that Government (Classed as Government territory) And you have sufficient privileges issued so you alone can issue arrest warrants and in that way arrest the client.. There are more about this to be found in the Arrest/Execute section that you find at Rules.


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Year 9 Day 198 8:35
Neema Lavigne
Neema Lavigne
Okay, thanks I am really appreciating the help.

When I first started I never read the guide so I just picked a starting location. I read the guide on how to move around, but when I got outside the welcoming center I can just move to differend cities, not the city I am currently in?

Year 9 Day 198 9:09
You can move outside the city you are in at the moment, I would recommend that you stay inside that welcoming centre if you can return. Otherwise, just go to the "border" of the city you are in, West, East, North or South, then go to Control + Position + Travel + Cross Terrain and look what happens, it is great for XP collection, but be careful, the people in control of the world (Don’t tell it out loud here) where you are at the moment may try to arrest you or just being pricks. Always be on the move, as long as you move, it is harder to get you. *Chuckles*

Year 9 Day 198 9:50
Neema Lavigne
Neema Lavigne
lol I beter keep moving my little Twi'lek behind then!

Here is my last question, how do you capture NPC's and how do you sell them? Once again I am really apreciating the help.

Year 9 Day 198 11:47
What do you mean by capture? You can purchase NPCs of your own by entering a facility of the type where the type of NPC you want can be purchased (this information is on the NPC rules page), and can simply purchase one for yourself. It will appear in your inventory just like any ship, vehicle, or item, and you can transfer it the same way.

If you mean capturing an NPC that is already owned, you need to arrest it. Here, the same rules apply as when you try to arrest another player, except that you don't need stun-cuffs. You do need to have arresting privileges in the NPC's space, and your skills need to allow you to succeed in the attempt.

However, then the NPC will merely be added to your party, but not your inventory. So you can't actually sell it on, but you can transfer it to someone else or drop it off at their location, or something like that.



Year 9 Day 198 12:08
Neema Lavigne
Neema Lavigne
Oke, thanks :)

Year 9 Day 198 18:02
"Talak Drakar’s SWC Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape School"

Let me just add Lavigne when you cross terrain as you probably do right now, until you find the faction you want to join, keep on moving until they can provide you with a transport and safe passage to their territory. Never give away coordinates to non-affiliated to the faction you have been accepted into, that way you remain safer then if you just log out in the middle of a town square or in a forest while you wait for pick up. Most pilots sent on these missions are skilled enough to adjust upon arrival to Orbit.

When the Pilot arrives to your present world, and they are in Orbit of the planet, co-operate with the assigned pilot via Darkness DM system, mIRC, MSN, ICQ or AIM etc, that way you are all the time on the move, when the pilot is 1H from pick up you can release the final coordinates where your character is to be picked up. Remember stay in the square, as soon the pilot is in Orbit cause it takes him/her 2H just to get to you on the ground. 1 hour through the atmosphere and then an hour to descend. Keep your tail secured from possible Idler hunter teams when you are out on one of these daring adventures as in exploring darkness functions.

Welcome to Star Wars Combine

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