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Year 9 Day 198 17:51
Edward Teach
Edward Teach
Reading through the rules there are 3 types of custom NPC's type 1 with 2sp type 2 with 5 sp and type 3 with 9 sp,

I've looked and can't find where I purchase type 2 and 3 I can only find type 1 for $80k with 2 sp

Where can I get type 2 and 3?

Year 9 Day 198 18:50
You purchase a custom NPC. It is then randomly chosen whats its skill level is. lvl3 is ~10% and lvl2 is 20% I think chance of getting them.


Year 9 Day 200 13:28
Edward Teach
Edward Teach
Thanks for that :-) is there anything else that affects the chance of what type you get i.e. buying them from a certain facility etc??

Edited By: Edward Teach on Year 9 Day 201 18:05
Year 9 Day 201 19:08
Well so long as you have access to a facility that you can buy one, that won't affect anything. However the location of that facility will affect the species of the NPC you spawn. Normally, all races have an equal chance at spawning, but on the homeworlds I believe the percentage for those races increases up to 70%. So if the planet has more than 1 race as its homeworld, then that 70% is split equally between them.


Year 9 Day 203 0:17
Edward Teach
Edward Teach
Thanks Elloas :-)