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Year 6 Day 240 7:00
Xithos Berkner
Xithos Berkner
It's already clear which planet a new player starts out on based on their race, but is there anyway someone like myself could learn which cities are designated as starting cities? On Tatooine it might be more obvious, but on a planet such as Coruscant my guess is as good as anyone's. Is descending to each city and looking for a civic center the only way, or is this info available to the public somewhere?

I'm asking because we're looking into newbie pickup and want to know where they're spawning on a planet.

Year 6 Day 240 7:12
Tenodera Aridifolia
Tenodera Aridifolia
home planets are noted on the race rules page.
after that you'll just have to ask someone who's been there, I guess..

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Year 6 Day 240 9:27
yup, only way is to ask around.
For newbie pickup, can always station your ships in orbit and have them use the NPC shuttle service


Year 6 Day 240 11:15
Xithos Berkner
Xithos Berkner
Yeah, that's what I figured we would need to do. I thought about just placing them in orbit, but can someone tell me the cost of NPC shuttle service? Thanks guys.

Year 6 Day 240 11:36
don´t remember the amount, but I think it was set so that all new people would afford it with their starting credits


Year 6 Day 241 11:47
Dexter Calo
Dexter Calo
if they dont first rent a vehicle to move around faster in the city...

Year 6 Day 241 13:01
You can also ask the newbie to give you his exact position information right after he spawns. That'll give you the info.


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Year 6 Day 243 1:57
You should note that the NPC shuttle only takes you into orbit, so you need to already have a ship waiting there to be able to use it. It won't move you around the system or galaxy, in case that wasn't clear. If it was.. well.. good. ¦D