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Year 9 Day 200 14:20
Dante Vialpando
Dante Vialpando
To connect to the IRC server at work or at school, I need to use Mibbit. On occasion I get a message saying that the session I was trying to connect was terminated and I had no idea why, mostly because there was absolutely no reason why it wouldn't connect. So, I went to the Mibbit help channel and asked.

They said that only three people using Mibbit can connect at one time. So, basically if there's three people using it that I don't know about, I can't connect until one of them disconnects. I asked them if this could be fixed, and they told me to give the Head IRC Oper this link: How To Enable Mibbit on Your IRC Server.

I would like to request the Head IRC Oper, which I think is Syn, to do this so that more than three Mibbit users are able to connect at one time. Please and thank you, in advance.

Year 9 Day 200 14:22
I received your e-mail when you sent it. This will probably not happen anytime soon, so as I have advised the handful of people who contacted me about this, have a second cgi client at hand in case you cannot connect with mibbit.