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Year 9 Day 201 10:31
Clorak Vine
Clorak Vine
Hey, I have troubles trying to stay logged in more then 5 mins. Anyone know why?

Year 9 Day 201 10:41
The sticky topic labeled "Problem: I can't log into SWC!" probably does.

Year 9 Day 201 10:46
Clorak Vine
Clorak Vine
Nope, i log in. But it wont stay in for about 5-10mins.

Year 9 Day 201 12:20
The core issue between not being able to log in at all, and not staying logged in very long is usually the same. Therefore, I suggest you take Mikel's advice.

The sticky topic labeled "Problem: I can't log into SWC!" probably does.

- Mikel von Bianchi


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Year 9 Day 201 12:25
Please let us know what browser you are experiencing this problem on, and specifically whether you have this problem on Firefox.



Year 9 Day 201 14:18
Clorak Vine
Clorak Vine
I dont have "firefox", I am running this site, on IE7.
And it started happening this morning. Ever since then it ran fine.

Edited By: Clorak Vine on Year 9 Day 201 14:18
Year 9 Day 201 21:51
Please try on Firefox as the sticky thread recommends; it is the only browser guaranteed to be compatible with SWC as that is what the developers use. This is a very common problem with internet explorer.



Year 9 Day 202 7:27
Clorak Vine
Clorak Vine
OK, Thank you Syn=]

Year 9 Day 213 4:34
Deleted Post
Zeek R`oadi
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