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Archives » my charactor is stuck in the air!
i gave away my ship, when it was in the atmosphere, and the new owner didnt set me as the pilot so i have ben stuck here since my 'atempted' scamm about 5months ago, if anyone could help me that would be good (i only tried 2 scamm because i was tired of getting 30k per month (my faction was supposed 2 pay me 250k))


like wookies, trandotions will rip your arms off... and they might eat your brain too.
Year 9 Day 204 19:21
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If you have tried to contact the owner using the option inside the ship and have had no response for over three weeks, you can contact assistants@swcombine.com with your handle and a description of the situation in order to be moved.

However, they will check to ensure that you actually did send such a message in advance; if the pilot is still active, generally you need to resolve this yourself.



Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
You do have other options though as you can board another ship or vehicle in atmosphere.

You may also like to consider contacting a transport firm and either

a. employing them to come and collect you or)

b. purchasing another vehicle and asking for it to be delivered to your location.

I assign stuff to myself before I make it over. Just an idea for the future.