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Year 9 Day 206 17:28
I've heard of people jettisoning debris around a battlefield during a buildwar, to try and disrupt construction projects of their enemies, getting a dozen faction members to fly speeders into the centre of the city, planting gigantic droids at the entrance to the city, that sort of thing.

I asked the help team, who told me it was not against the rules, but warned that sometimes administrators have itchy "ban" fingers, so I thought I should check with you guys...Tidus? Kyle? Khan? Veynom?


Year 9 Day 206 22:36
I THINK I remember reading a post saying it's not allowed.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 9 Day 207 1:52
Last time I pointed this out I was told it wasn't allowed.


Year 9 Day 207 3:17
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
I'm not in the league of "you guys", but as far as I know, this is allowed. "As far as I know" goes so far as me saying that I've seen a dozen of such instances on various planets before.

And now that I think about it, why shouldn't it be allowed? This has a similar affect like planting a single PR & PG on a Gas Giant in the name of a faction, making the entire Gas Giant theirs.
If I may quote Teniel, "buildwar" or "combatwar", war is still war, and there are no rules in war for things such as this.

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Year 9 Day 207 5:10
It would be a very IC action corrosponding to IRL tactics. Consider the protester chaining themselves to a tree to prevent development.

Perhaps dropping multiple objects could be considered exploitation of a feature to prevent another player from construction. But if a player placed his character in a spot that should not be. And once the ability to forcibly remove (IE blow up) an obstacle, then the tactic should be allowed.


Warning this is strictly Orions McPhees Opinion, it may or may not have any bearing on events true or imagined


Year 9 Day 207 11:52
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
Exploit.Vehicle/ship travel in cities was in no way intended to block construction


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Year 9 Day 207 15:08
If that's the case then there's no reason it should block construction. If a ship stops on the same grid as a facility, it's assumed to be above the facility. This should apply for construction zones as well, but arbitrarily doesn't, which suggests that there's no issue with it. NPCs/PCs are a separate matter anyhow since they can just be moved, and additionally, preventing an entity from occupying a space that currently has no construction going on wouldn't make any sense as you can pretty much leave your assets anywhere you please, particularly if there isn't already construction going on in that spot.

There isn't any specific rule preventing it, and there isn't any way to avoid it since you can't know where someone is planning to build, and if they aren't building at some spot in a city there's no reason you couldn't leave your ship/vehicle/best friend there. It wouldn't even be possible to enforce or to realistically know which spots will, at some indeterminate point in the future, be off-limits.

If there was a post made as a few people mentioned might have been the case, it would be helpful if that could be retrieved so we can see the phrasing of it and ensure that it gets clearly added to the rules.



Year 9 Day 208 12:20
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Year 9 Day 208 14:05
So we have three votes saying it's legal, three votes saying it isn't, and an idiot who's spamming the forums. Any official word?


Year 9 Day 209 7:12
Josh Jericho
Josh Jericho
I'm not sure about ships/vehicles, but PCs/NPCs are automatically moved when construction is started. (It happened to me when I was someplace I shouldn't be.) Items are just paved over.

Year 9 Day 209 8:52
Should not be allowed in my humble opinion, idiot or not. * smiles * I certainly look upon it as cheating as it would technically be impossible to do anything like it in Star Wars. This game is filled of flaws that can and is of course regularly exploited until the wrong people exploits it and get hammered away for a 2-3 monthly ban or something like that. * shrugs *

Year 9 Day 209 9:03
Dani Duel
Dani Duel
I think that allowing this kind of flaws wont fix anything in the end, as in, it wont force the developers to do anything about it as in, this non-combat system can be kept alive forever, I think that was the point Talak tried to express in the first place. And as Talak also tells, we have seen people getting banned from the Combine for less then this more or less systematic flaw that has been used in these greedy building wars we find out here so it is pretty meaningless to attack people for pointing out the obvious.


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Year 9 Day 209 9:33
Ships/Vehicles are moved automatically if there is no active pilot I believe in them... NPCs are automatically moved...

I think if you have the manpower you should be able to place ships/vehicles to block construction as long as they have an active pilot. As for just putting junk down without actual active people, I think it's just moved anyways.

Year 9 Day 209 12:22
Admin response is all that really matters...

But for my commentary, I say it's been done for several years, Why stop?


Year 9 Day 214 11:01
Stillllll need Admin input


Year 9 Day 214 14:14
Ocejela Opop
Ocejela Opop
Dm Alizzee

Year 9 Day 214 14:40
Zeek R`oadi
Zeek R`oadi
Ocejela, there is a reason there are help/question forums. You're not supposed to DM an Admin a question, you're supposed to post it in the questions forum.