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Year 9 Day 211 13:05
i am stuck in the civic centre i can't get in at all if you know how to get plz tell me i would be willing to pay if it works so just as a insentive to help

Year 9 Day 211 13:28
No need to pay. The exit room has a different image on the map (just like the room you started in). When you get to that room, there should be an option for "exit" come up as a button on the area to the left of the map you use to move around.

I'm not entirely sure, but I believe the entry/exit room for a civic centre is towards the upper left of the facility map.


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Year 9 Day 211 13:28
If you are saying you are stuck inside the building, find the room where the button, "EXIT" appears, click it, and another will appear, then click that one, you'll be outside.

If you are trying to enter the facility, move next to it, then click on the enter button that appears. If it does not appear or you can not enter, you likely do not have the proper permissions to enter it.


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Year 9 Day 211 16:53
i got it ty

Year 9 Day 212 1:20
Additionally, make sure to read The Guide (linked from the top of every page), it contains a lot of information for new players (I believe the "exiting building" problem is part of it as well).


Year 9 Day 213 13:56
Yes indeedy it is! I know cause I had to use it once upon a time in the not so distant past :)