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Year 9 Day 212 16:12
*edit* sorry, wont bother posting in these forums again. Removed questions.

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Year 9 Day 212 16:17
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Ocejela Opop
Deleted by Ocejela Opop. Reason: I am looking to be a COMMUNITY team member but I must start by not being an absolute unhelpful asshole to people who are simply asking questions.
Year 9 Day 212 21:16
Opop, if you're looking to be a COMMUNITY team member, you could start by not being an absolute unhelpful asshole to people who are simply asking questions. Restricted topics apply to the specific forum they are located in.

Gothar, if you haven't been absolutely run away by Opop, I assume your question was along the lines of "when/will there be new CP items," and the answer would be that nobody knows. I'm not aware of any plans to "rotate" the available CP things or add any new ones, but it has been done (several years) in the past, so it is possible to assume that they will be added at some later date.

Year 9 Day 212 23:34
I did see your question Gothar, and so will address the other part not covered by Mikel. Droids are currently being worked on so sometime in the future, obviously before those items not being worked on at the moment.

A standing joke is SOONTM for when something will be released. Meaning it is on the way, but no one knows when for sure.

Currently we do have limited use of pilot droids.


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Year 9 Day 213 11:41
No, its not just Opop so don't blame it all on him, I dont want anyone to be alienated because I am new to the forums and find this to be quite different than forum styles I am used to. I posted my question in the message center first because thats the default page this opens up too - I found the general area with some 27,000 posts or something like that and figured it was a good place to ask - I saw others had asked general swcombine questions in there too (though maybe not as specific as mine)

my thread was promptly closed with a response of "This is not a questions forum" thats it. No telling me I should come to the problem centre or anything.

I saw the problem centre at the top but I am not really haveing a problem, just a general question is all so I didnt put it togetehr I needed to ask here.

I dont want to sound like an ass or anything as forums are typically my favorite part about online gaming and whatnot but with restricted topics and all it almost seems like an emphasis is put on getting new people to not talk and give input rather than getting us to exress our thoughts and wants. For instance if new members were allowed to ask any questions about anything then it would help give the developers a better idea of where they could focus their energy as to what the general population might be most excited to get. If everyone is prohibited from talking about certain topics I think it kinda leaves everyone in the dark as to what members would really like to see the most.

Of course this is really just my opinion as the game is obviously great as it stands and I love participating! I also understand that its very annoying to answer the same questions over and over (presumably why the resticted topics idea exists) but it sure sounds harsh to make it completely off limits.

OK - sorry for the long post - I know those can be annoying too ;)
Thanks all,

Year 9 Day 213 12:32
The restricted topics exist really only in the Suggestions forums. There are two kinds of restricted suggestion:
a) The kind that will happen eventually, but needs other things to be done first, or is in some other way fairly pointless to discuss at this moment. Ideally those will eventually be removed.
b) The kind that has been brought up before, and won't happen. Either it's micromanagement, or goes against the design direction the Admin intend for the game, or otherwise doesn't make sense in the current framework. Most of them have come up several times, and were added to the list so that they didn't keep coming up, and the same reasons against them given over, and over, and over.
They are intended as time savers for both the poster - so they don't open a thread that's just going to get closed - and the moderators - so we don't have to keep closing the same topics over and over.

On the other hand, here in the Problem Centre part of the point is to answer the same question over and over, if we need to do so to help out new players, or someone who hasn't seen the answer before. There are a couple of threads stickied for the most common issues, with the most common solutions, to try to help people resolve them more quickly, but that's about the extent of it.

So please, even if you find some of us to be abrupt elsewhere, don't be discouraged from asking questions here. It's what these forums are for, and while you may still encounter the occasional less-polite reply, you should get reasonable and informative answers sooner rather than later.


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Year 9 Day 213 13:54
OK, thanks - thats very good to know. (you probably wrote that repsonse you just gave me a bazillion times too ) ;)

I will be sure to stay out of the suggestions area! I think when I first came here and made a couple posts thats where I went as well...