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Year 6 Day 241 14:11

I didn't receive my activation mail for my account.

the first time it was refused after more than 4 hours and now it's taking more than 8 hours.

It think you should receive this mail max after 1 hour and not longer. People want to play this game and some wouldn't wait for there mail to play it. Can't you boost the speed for sending those mails.


Year 6 Day 241 14:13
This is done by people in their free time, donating their time and money to create the game - and since our admins aren't online 24 hours a day, we can't possibly guarantee a turn-around time of an hour or less.

Just a hint, but people who can't wait an hour for their eMail to arrive, aren't going to survive a game where it takes a week to fly to Coruscant.


Year 6 Day 241 16:49
Keibak Aruu
Keibak Aruu
Maybe a system can be created where some of us worker monkeys doing other projects in the combine can log in and check who joined and either reject or accept. This would cut down how much time it would take to accept someone.

It might also alleviate some of the admins current pressures.


Year 6 Day 242 3:03

there should be a program that if you sign up, he checks everything and if its OK, you should get the mail.

Year 6 Day 242 20:12
A program cannot check if you've put in a retarded name without having a massive set of conditions. Even then, it's easy to bypass and slip through. Even a professionally built system like the XBox Live system, by Microsoft, can easily be tricked into allowing inappropriate and offensive names.

Then you'd need another check to see if there are any suspiscious elements that would indicate a multi account.

Then it needs to return the appropriate result, and either send one of the various e-mails for failure, or the acceptance e-mail and either activate or delete the account in the database.

The system also needs to be aware if it has just received multiple requests from the same person, and react accordingly.

And finally, if there's an issue with an account and someone comes to one of these forums asking why they were declined, the people responding to these questions need to dig through the server logs, find why the automated system declined it, and see if it made the correct decision, then help the person involved (which might require manual creation of the account if the automated system is going to decline it again). Whereas now, the person accepting requests is the same one answering questions and probably remembers WHY a specific account was turned down (at least for 48 - 72 hours).

But hey, if you're capable of programming an automated system that fulfills all the above requirements, go ahead and do so. I'm sure there'll be some CPs as a reward if it's useable!


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Year 6 Day 243 1:51
Maybe a system can be created where some of us worker monkeys doing other projects in the combine can log in and check who joined and either reject or accept. This would cut down how much time it would take to accept someone. 

Such a system exists. That's why I'm currently doing the bulk of join requests. Ranma does 'em as well when he shows up, and at least nine other individuals have access to do so, so it's certainly not a lack of personnel (it's tied to Darkness access level, btw). Typically just that no one happens to be online the exact instant someone submits a join request. (:

Year 6 Day 243 18:49
Keibak Aruu
Keibak Aruu
Sorry for asking such a retarded question, but what do you mean by Darkness access levels? Is that the same for some of us who have access to like posting on the sim news and editing the coming soon page?

Hey, I am on during the time that Khan and you and the rest are not online (I live in connecticut in the US), so if you need another person to help out with this. I am more than willing to do a few requests during the day at work. Hey, I cant RP or anything, but join requests seem simple enough to not be noticed too much at work.


Year 6 Day 245 11:39

i think an autoresponder to tell people when they sign up that their case is being reviewed so they dont try and signup again to see if it didnt work.

Year 6 Day 245 12:38
Um, when you sign up there is a little message that comes up saying your application is being reviewed by the administration, etc.

Just calm down. Like someone said earlier, if you cant wait a day for your e-mail, dont join. The forums are lively and its fun to discuss but is based on RL time... ok, well Star Wars RL time, it takes time to move around, travel through hyperspace, etc.