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Year 9 Day 214 15:15
Zane Nike
Zane Nike
I got bored and was playing around with the character creation and went for manual creation. And for the template i chose a Devaronian which as you know has a Starfighter-Freighter Piloting: 2, so i go through the creation and in step 3(where you have to assign skill points) for the star fighter/freighter piloting i gave him a +4 which costs 6 points so i assign everything else and go to step 5

and it says

Space Skills
Skill Name Skill Level
Starfighter-Freighter Piloting 4

okay now my question is if this race already has 2 points in the beggining and i add another 4 skill points, how is it that it shows up as only 4? Is it added on later or am is my thinking wrong?

Year 9 Day 214 15:39
Taken directly from the rules:
hope that helps. (And for your memory: no skill can be higher than level 5.)

2.4/ Distribute Skill Points

Each skill has 6 levels of ability from 0-5. After you determine the importance of each skill group, you will distribute the available skill points to the various skills in each skill group. As you distribute the skill points, you will in effect be upgrading the level of that skill. Upgrading a skill to a certain level will cost the following skill points:

Level 0: 0 pts
Level 1: 1 pt
Level 2: 2 pts
Level 3: 4 pts
Level 4: 8 pts
Level 5: 15 pts

If your race already has a bonus in a certain skill, just subtract the amount of points of that level. For example: a Devaronian has Level 2 in Fighter/Freighter Piloting. The upgrades will now cost:

Level 2: 0
Level 3: 2
Level 4: 6
Level 5: 13

Explanation: Level 2 is worth 2 points, so you subtract this from the original upgrade cost. 

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Year 9 Day 214 15:45
Zane Nike
Zane Nike
Ah! thanks, i must have skipped that bit. Thanks Vip, this thread can be closed.